Monday, February 25, 2013


You might be a little confused if you've tried to reach my website at

Allow me to explain. I'm trying to do that thing that every writer dreams of. Yes, I'm trying to earn money. So, I'm using my website as my testing ground for the new program I'm creating. It's kind of cool -- it focuses on helping people reach their personal and professional potential.

Of course, since I'm the poster child for ADHD, this project keeps changing. Yes, I have a written plan. No, it's not written in ink. So each week I find myself chasing yet another butterfly and then realizing that I've done it again. I've managed to make a ridiculously simple idea into just a ridiculous idea.

Bear with me, folks. I'm an entrepreneur in training, a person in flux, a writer stuck in her own appendix.

But more exciting and silly things are yet to come and I look forward to sharing them with you. Then you can nod and smile and try to break eye contact so I don't try to sell you anything.

Happy Monday!

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