Party Pics!

Ridley Pearson, Christee, and Dave Barry ... before that pesky restraining order.

Chris Eliot visits with Christee at BookExpo America in NYC

Dr Ruth tries to help Christee, but gives up...

Robby Benson has good hair. Christee had a good hair day in 1978.

Christee onstage at the Women's Expo in Baton Rouge

Christee the chicken with Santa the Claus

National Novel Writing Month in the window of Waldenbooks

Christee at high tea with Tracy Ullman

Promo pic for Christee's screenplay
The Six Foot Chicken and the Gladiola Motel

Last good pic of Christee.
Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) 1960s

Presentation Skills Training
ASTD Press Best Seller

Mrs. Claus and the One of 101 Dalmations

Christee's novel written in one month during
National Novel Writing Month

Three Feet Under
on sale used ... no royalty!!

Christee shows appropriate excitement over
the invitation to join AARP

I think the sign says it all

Yeah, you get it...
Domestically challenged

Another book? Why won't this girl leave us alone?

This was a great party.
Let's do one in your neighborhood.

Don't worry. Maddus is alive.
This is a relaxed cat ... playing air guitar in his sleep.

Christee's 2nd book (2005)


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