Sunday, August 31, 2008

There's a big storm a'coming...

Okay - No big blog today. It's my birthday, August 31, and I should have specified when I said I wanted a hurricane on my birthday that I meant "in a glass". So instead, we're battening down the hatches, girding our loins, and other official sounding phrases that mean we're getting ready to be blown away again here in Louisiana.

Wish us luck!!
Christee & her rubber chicken Elvis


Shauna Roberts said...

Stay safe!

We've been watching this thing as closely as we watched hurricanes when living in New Orleans and listening to Mayor Nagin's speeches. Katrina may have been a blessing in disguise, serving as dress rehearsal for the Big One and perhaps saving thousands of lives tomorrow. Mayor Nagin seems ready. The SOLA members have all or almost all evacuated.

Unknown said...

Whew!! Electricity back on. Cleanup in progress. And now they tell us that Ike may come visit!?

I love Louisiana, but there are those times I have to ask, "Why do I choose to live in hurricane country???"