Sunday, November 30, 2008

I won I won!!


Shauna Roberts said...

Congrats!! That's great news.

My plan to do NaNoWrMo in December has failed. I have had the most extraordinary run of interruptions. If my month had happened to you, you'd have a years' worth of funny material. For example, I took my car in Friday morning to get a simple flat tire repair and left PepBoys six hours later with a new radiator, two new tires, a fixed axle-thingee, a new red fake-crocodile-skin purse, a new bra, and new purple ankle boots.

Unknown said...

Ohmigosh!! That's great!! Are you going to sue me if that sneaks into one of my columns? Can I use your name or should I leave you anonymous?

The thing that intrigues me the most is how the new bra worked its way in there...

Thanks for sharing1!!

Shauna Roberts said...

Sure, you can use it. And please do use my name . . . I'm trying to build name recognition for my future career as a novelist and that story might stick in someone's mind.

My "word verification" word was the appropriate "chest."