Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Authors Row is this Saturday!

Come meet with a fun and fabulous group of authors this Saturday
from 2-4 pm at the Jones Creek Library in Baton Rouge! 

You can:
  • Ask questions about the world of publishing,
  • Look at some great books, and
  • Pick up an autographed book for your Mothers' Day gift!
How's that for a perfect afternoon?

Authors attending:
  • Christee Atwood
  • Beth Bares
  • Yvette Brunswick
  • Elizabeth Parker Burges
  • Laura Burks
  • Alex Cook
  • Thomas Med Hogg
  • David Hollier
  • Leo Honeycutt
  • Monique O'Connor James
  • Ben Kopel
  • Cliff Legrange with Patricia Setoon and possibly other collaborators
  • Michelle Lesley
  • Moyia Hardemann
  • Jamie Mayes
  • Arlene Messa
  • Caxton Opere
  • Charsya Paul
  • Jennifer Paul
  • Lee Randall
  • Gladys Runnels
  • Malcolm Shuman
  • Michael Verret
  • Brandi Worley

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