Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free Skype Programs for Libraries

I'd like to offer your library a free Skype session to introduce you to the easiest and cheapest way to get more authors to visit your patrons. I'll do this practice session with you free of charge. Really!! (I'm a very lonely person...) It takes no effort, no big equipment, and uses free software. How can you beat that?

And there are other opportunities for us to play together too!

I can do a Skype program for your library's patrons or staff that will prove that it's possible to link laughter and learning.

Visit my website at for my list of topics, including my most requested program, "A Celebration of Elastic Waistbands." This program is free too if you purchase my book for your library! Cool, huh?

Contact me at to claim your free class or just to brainstorm!


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