Thursday, February 17, 2011

Erma Bombeck Tribute

All of this started on FaceBook -- please join me there as a friend anytime:
I just felt like continuing it as our tribute leading up to the birthday of Erma Bombeck on Feb 21.

February 15: Today is not only Cheap Chocolate Day, but also starts the week leading up to the birthday of a hero of mine, Erma Bombeck. I'd like to start the celebration with a quote of hers, "Seize the day. Remember those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart."

Anna Roark LeJeune Oh yea! I don't ever turn down chocolate.

Christee Gabour Atwood Oh Anna ... Chocolate... drool... My favorite right now is dark chocolate -- the stuff that I wouldn't eat as a kid. Now I understand why Mom hung around while I emptied out my Halloween bag...

Scotty Drake ‎"My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint."

Christee Gabour Atwood Another absolutely wonderful quote from Erma!! I love that one.

Rebecca Blair Tisdale Erma-----what a woman!

Christee Gabour Atwood Amen to that!

Sonja Spahn She's my hero, too! Thank you, Christee, for the smiles.

Patty Davis My favorite Erma quote was something like: Cleaning the house when you have children is like shoveling the sidewalk while it's snowing. (I'm sure she said it better, but you get the idea).

Christee Gabour Atwood Oh yeah -- she had great quotes about kids. Like: I take a very practical view of raising children. I put a sign in each of their rooms: "Checkout Time is 18 years."

Rebecca Blair Tisdale Erma didn't make this one up, but a teacher friend of mine told me about the "1890 Rule" concerning kids. When you turn 18, you've got 90 days to get a place to live and a way to pay your bills.

Christee Gabour Atwood Ha! My parents are still trying to get rid of me. They probably wish they had used that rule.

Sonja Spahn My fave book was The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Septic Tank....ahh, the source of this famous quote: It was either Thomas Jefferson – or maybe it was John Wayne – who once said, “Your foot will never get well as long as... there is a horse standing on it.”

Christee Gabour Atwood Haaaa! Love it! And it's true. It's also true that you can lead a horse to water, but if you try to play water polo with him, he'll drown. That's one of mine.

Sonja Spahn How about Marco Polo?

Christee Gabour Atwood Marco...

Rebecca Blair Tisdale Polo (hey! I waited 2 full minutes before replying, hoping someone else would do the dirty deed for me)

Christee Gabour Atwood Thank goodness!! It was killing me!!!!

Christee Gabour Atwood I also can't stand hearing ... Shave a a haircut ... without the two bits.

Christee Gabour Atwood Does this make us OCD? AR? or just plain crazy?

Sonja Spahn I cannot answer, I am busy shaving that haircut...I think you must have meant "shave AND a haircut" but you wrote "shave a haircut"...not OCD in ANY way!

Christee Gabour Atwood You don't shave your haircut?

Christee Gabour Atwood I'm loving our tribute to Erma Bombeck. Think I'm going to run over and repost all of this on my blog at Feel free to join me!
And that's how it all started. Feel free to add your favorite Erma Bombeck quote to our list!

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Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. - Erma