Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Book Tour Continues!

Thanks to my hosts for this week on the virtual book tour! If you'd like to visit the sites I've been hosted on, go to my October post archive with the tour schedule and click on any of the sites. Well, that is, if you're that much of a glutton for punishment.
And then, you might want to consider professional help. But read the interviews first...

This week:
Pamela Kinney was kind enough to allow me to visit both her Blogspot and her My Space sites. You can read the interview from Monday Nov 26 at

Cool site that I'll be visiting on Wednesday is:

And on Thursday Nov 29, I get to visit with an old friend I met through SOLA writers' group in New Orleans. She's in California now and we miss her, but we get to keep up with Shauna on her Blogspot site:

Friday, we'll end up the book tour with a visit to:

Too much fun. Too much insanity. Too much coffee. What can I say?

Christee & Elvis, the rubber chicken

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Shauna Roberts said...

Thanks again for visiting my blog. It was a big success. The 26 comments were the most for any of my posts so far, and the interview got a lot of hits (although I'm sad to inform you that my first post on "Gilgamesh" still holds the record as the most popular one--still can't figure that out).