Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Join Me This Friday, November 9, 2007

Join me this Friday, November 9th,
as I continue humiliating myself publicly
on my virtual book tour.

Friday I'll be visiting
Come by and visit with us!

  • We'll be talking about my secret to writing a great novel (which is basically to look at what I do and do the opposite).
  • We'll discuss the way to become an overnight success (in only 48 years).
  • We'll talk about an activity that over 70 thousands writers worldwide are doing this month ... besides starving, begging for spare change, and surfing the internet instead of typing.
  • We'll discover how writing can replace your psychiatrist.
  • And we'll talk about how to use a full body chicken suit to achieve fame and a restraining order.

Intrigued? Great! We'll see you Friday on the blog tour!


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