Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday Nov 6 Virtual Book Tour Site

Today, Tuesday Nov 6, I am graciously being hosted by the site
on my Virtual Book Tour.

It's a chance for you to discover the background of my book, hear some of my pitiful insights into the publishing world and how I became an Overnight Success in only 48 years, and to talk about how to survive on 45 cents and 3 box tops a day...

Come by, take off your shoes, sit for a while ... wait, what is that smell?

Okay, put your shoes back on... But sit for a while. Leave a comment too!



Shauna Roberts said...

I sent you a private email as well, but will post here too. Would you like to appear on my blog as part of your virtual tour? A blog that spent three weeks discussing Gilgamesh could use a dose of rubber chicken.

Sphinx Ink said...

Hi Christee, Elora Fink here. Great to hear from you, love the blogsite. You know, in that pic with Tracy Ullman, you and she look like sisters! And how do you manage to find so many celebrities to be photographed with? Check out my blog, too--http://sphinxink.blogspot.com/.

Unknown said...

Shauna --

I'd be thrilled to visit your blog! Let's set a day!


Unknown said...

Elora! My SOLA buddy!

How great to have you drop by!

Thank you so much for thinking Tracy Ullman and I look like sisters. Even if I do look like the sister they kept locked in the attic...

I meet celebrities in bail bond offices everywhere... but these were actually wonderful folks I've met at writers conferences and especially at BookExpo America. That is a cool event and I'll actually be signing my latest three business books at the BookExpo America on May 29-June 2, 2008 in Los Angeles.

Stop by to visit if you're in the L.A. neighborhood and I'll give you free candy! (Yeah, I'm not above bribery to get people to spend time with me.)

Thanks for coming by!